our philosophy

Weddings are celebrated in as many different ways as there are couples being wed, but they all have in common that they are centered around love, family, joy, and all manner of strong emotions. We see our task as capturing the expressions of the couple's and their guests' emotions, whether it's a small elopement ceremony, a formal event, or one with a playful party atmosphere, with artistic sensibility and in a style that suits you, our customer. We want you to be able to, years later, look at the photographs, and say, 'Yes, that's what it felt like' and 'See this one? Remember how uncle Jim reacted to that?'.

Please take some time to chat with us about our approach, and tell us how you envision your wedding, and what wishes you have for the photographic coverage. For example, do you want an emphasis on posed formals, or more on spontaneous coverage of the event as it unfolds? Do you want our main focus on the wedding couple, or on the entire group in attendance? What specific groupings for the formals? We'll be happy to cater to your specific wishes. 

We do photography for weddings in whatever location you choose: a hotel ballroom, a rental house living room, or (our area has myriad beautiful outdoor locations) on top of Cape Perpetua, on the beach, on a boat - challenge us! (just don't ask about skydiving).



Every photographer develops their own style of wedding photography. We are happy to adjust our style to your wishes, but urge you to take a look at the images in the slideshow above to get a sense of the way we generally capture a wedding. Style is a very subjective concept, and the best way to know what to expect is to look at a photographer's recent work, and to communicate with them to get a feel for how they would be to work with (contact us).

We aim to be unobtrusive at your event, which helps you and your guests, but also allows us to concentrate on observing and capturing the essence of the gathering. 'He was everywhere, but we hardly noticed him' noted a client.



"Chris - your heartfelt photography preserved this special day most beautifully, thank you " - Anne.

For more client reactions, go to this page.



Our fees for a wedding shoot are $100 plus $100 per hour of shooting, plus travel cost (if at a location over 20 miles from Yachats OR). Half of the fees are due at booking to hold the date, and are non-refundable; the balance is due a week before the wedding.

These fees include the necessary post processing after the event: selection, cropping, fine tuning for color /exposure / contrast. You will be presented with images properly prepared for viewing / printing.

Included is digital delivery of the images via a private web gallery on our website.

Not included in these fees are prints, framing, albums, all of which can be ordered directly from the gallery. We're happy to put a package price together based on your needs.


common questions

How many images of my wedding will I receive? This varies with the nature of the event, the style of images desired, the number of people present and other circumstances. In general, expect to receive 50-150 images per hour of shooting. (Note: you will not receive every image taken - test frames, duplicates, 'eyes closed' / 'mouth full' and other less than optimal takes will be held back).

How soon after the wedding will I get to see the photos? In general, you'll receive, via email, a link to the gallery with your photos within a week of your wedding. If, due to our workload, it looks like it will be longer, we'll let you know ahead of time.


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