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20131208_125742_ice on the beach20131208_125937_ice on the beach20131208_130115_ice on the beach20131208_130157_ice on the beach20131208_130305_ice on the beach20131208_130541_ice on the beach20131208_130948_ice on the beach20131208_131107_ice on the beach20131208_131238_ice on the beach20131208_131414_ice on the beach20131208_131747_ice on the beach20131208_132300_ice on the beach20131208_132447_ice on the beach20131208_132627_ice on the beach20131208_132753_ice on the beach20131208_132827_ice on the beach20131208_133152_ice on the beach20131208_133805_ice on the beach20131208_133900_ice on the beach20131208_134053_ice on the beach